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Africa, the Middle East and Asia...

pleasure your senses...

~~Exotic recipes to delight your taste buds~~
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This community is for lovers of the African, Middle Eastern and Asian cuisine. It will feature recipes and food-related cultural information from these regions. Participation is very welcome - so post away and let us lick our lips in anticipation! :)

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Some information and rules, please read carefully, as we want this community to run as smoothly as possible!

o Please don't post recipes from regions other than those mentioned.

o Be friendly, polite and helpful.

o The common language will be English. However, some people might post in German.

o If someone asks a question, please do your best to answer.

o Try to give English/American AND European measurements in your recipes. If that is not possible, refer to the measure chart here in the user info (coming soon).

o Give us enough information about your recipe. How hot and spicy it is, if you have tried it or are posting out of the blue, if you have made it for others and what they thought... make it informative, understandable, mouth watering! ;)

o Try to write as accurately as possible! Constant grammar and spelling errors, tYpINg LyK DiS, etc. is annoying. Check your post before sending it off, if necessary, correct it. However, stay away from bashing people for errors. We all make them. Just take care that they stay within boundaries. Also, not all members are native English speakers, so...

o Last but not least, please remember that the main focus of this community is posting recipes.

***To not miss anything, please put this community on your friends list.***

If you want to promote your own community - food related ONLY - give us a quick comment upfront. Promoting without asking will result in immediate removal of the post/comment concerning the promoted community! It's a matter of courtesy. Thank you.

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